Tsurumi in wastewater upgrade at a Bulgarian military training base

Japanese pump supplier Tsurumi has upgraded a European army base. This is part of an ongoing development to the site using a mix of aerators, agitators, cutters, decanters and sewage pumps. A squad of 47 Tsurumi pumps are providing a complete wastewater solution at a military training base in Bulgaria. The pumps, which were installed […]

Ultrafiltration system from KMS helps companies reduce and reuse wastewater

Ultrafiltration system from KMS helps companies reduce and reuse wastewater. The Konsolidator ultrafiltration system from KMS (Koch Membrane Systems) is designed for companies looking to reduce disposal wastewater costs in applications with high suspended solids. The Konsolidator features KMS’ patented FEG tubular membranes. The ultrafiltration systems are available in five standard sizes ranging in flows […]

Siemens to provide system for treating FGD scrubber wastewater

One of the largest power producers in the U.S. has selected Siemens Water Technologies to provide a system to treat wastewater from a Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) scrubber being constructed at a power plant in the eastern U.S. Siemens Water Technologies explains that the installation of the wet scrubber will significantly reduce emissions of mercury […]