Siemens will test advanced gas turbine technology that can run renewable fuels

Siemens Dual Fuel gas turbine

Siemens has announced it has signed a cooperation agreement in Sweden to test renewable fuels at the Rya plant in the Gothenburg power port. The first phase of the deal with Göteborg Energi is a 3D printing torch check at the Rya plant. The goal is that by 2030, all district heating in Gothenburg, Sweden […]

New crusher-conveyor technology for bottom ash conversion

bottom ash conversion

Coal-fired power plant owners and operators are always looking for ways to reduce costs and remain competitive. For factories facing high compliance costs associated with new regulations, closures and gas conversions have become commonplace. The crusher-conveyor technology for bottom ash conversion can result in significant savings in capital and operating costs, and can keep existing […]

Intelligent Combustion Monitoring

Intelligent Combustion Monitoring: Technology designed for two-stroke diesel engines, integrates ABB Cylmate system Wärtsilä has introduced its intelligent combustion monitoring system for two-stroke diesel engines. The system monitors the condition of the components in the combustion chamber. According to Wärtsilä, the system can lead to fuel cost savings of up to 2% by running engines […]

Al-Khaluf is Modern Water’s second desalination plant using the MOD technology

Al-Khaluf desalination plant, located approximately 450 kms from the Oman capital, Muscat, uses Modern Water’s Manipulated Osmosis Desalination (MOD) technology which reduces energy and chemical consumption. Al-Khaluf is Modern Water’s second desalination plant using the MOD technology, the first being the Gibraltar MOD plant. Producing water since September 2008, the Gibraltar MOD plant has achieved […]