ANSALDO ENERGIA Turbines Review for 2010

Gas Turbine Power RangeElectric Generator Drive: 75 to 294 MW Steam Turbine Power RangeElectric Generator Drive: 80 to 1200 MW Recent Orders Ansaldo Energia won a contract to supply a power-generation unit based on two AE94.2 gas turbines from Fingrid, the Finnish national operator for the production and distribution of electricity to be built in […]

Cogeneration Application Considerations

Cogeneration Application Considerations John A. Jacobs III, Technical Leader, Evaluation & Analysis Martin Schneider, Senior Marketing Manager Introduction Cogeneration or CHP (Combined Heat and Power). The terms cogeneration and CHP are used interchangeably in this paper and are defined as the combined simultaneous generation of heat and electrical energy with a common source of fuel. […]

GE Energy Announces $200 Million Service Contract with Emirates Aluminium

GE Energy has announced a multi-year contractual service agreement (CSA) with Emirates Aluminium (EMAL) as it nears completion of what will become the world’s largest single-site aluminum smelter complex. The CSA will support EMAL’s recent investment in GE gas turbines and the long-term productivity and efficiency of the turbines. Under the CSA, GE Energy will […]