Abengoa Solar closes a $1.45 Billion financing for the World’s Largest Solar Generation Plant

Abengoa Solar Gets $1.45B Loan Guarantee for World’s Largest CSP Plant The U.S. Department of Energy announced yesterday that it had finalized a $1.45 billion loan guarantee for building Abengoa Solar’s Solana, the world’s largest parabolic trough concentrating solar plant (CSP). The 250-MW project in Arizona will require a total investment of around $2 billion. […]

California Approves Space-Based Solar Plant

The Green, Inc. blog of the New York Times reported on Thursday that California regulators approved a utility contract for the first space-based solar power plant in the U.S. The 200-megawatt orbiting solar farm would convert solar energy collected in space into radio frequency waves, which would be beamed to a ground station near Fresno, […]

Fossil Fuels + Solar Energy = The Future of Electricity Generation

Renewable energy, though still accounting for a comparatively small portion of overall supply, generates a larger portion of the world’s electricity each year. Combining many of the available solar energy conversion technologies with conventional fossil-fueled technologies could reduce fuel costs while simultaneously helping utilities that are struggling to meet their renewable portfolio goals. Renewable energy […]