Automatic Bus Lane Enforcement in New York by Siemens

Siemens ABLE

Siemens Mobility has successfully launched an Automatic Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) solution in New York City, representing the first-ever application of this technology to be mounted on buses. The ABLE systems are installed on M15 Select Bus Service buses that operate on bus lanes benefitting more than 44,000 daily customers. The technology is playing a […]

Siemens Hybrid Energy Storage System

Tram, streetcar and light rail systems can provide very efficient, environmentally friendly urban mass transit.However, they do require a significant investment for tracks and overhead catenary lines to deliver electricity to moving vehicles. Catenaries can be rather unsightly, especially in congested downtown and historical districts. They also can be quite complicated and expensive to construct […]

Siemens and EMEF Form Joint Venture

Siemens Forms JV With EMEF Siemens Mobility has formed a joint venture with the Portuguese maintenance company EMEF, a subsidiary of Portugal’s national railway company “Comboios de Portugal” (CP), for the maintenance of Siemens locomotives in Portugal. This joint venture is to service and maintain a total of 54 locomotives, 25 LE 4700 type and […]