Two Companies Joined and working on concept of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Harbor Tug

hydrogen cell power tug

A mutually established concept designing of two companies “Tokyo Kisen Co. Ltd. and e5 Lab Inc.”  for harbor tugboat which is powered by hydrogen fuel cell and large-capacity battery. “Tokyo Kisen Co. Ltd.” (HQ: Yokohama) is Japan’s leading tugboat company and established in 1947. Whose mission is to support maritime safety. The company has been […]

A Quantum Leap In Shipping

A Quantum Leap In Shipping :Hull design and engine technology combine for more efficiency, fewer emissions in shipping vessel by bo svensson There is an increasing interest in improving seaborne transportation and lessening its impact on the environment. It is driven by factors such as increasing fuel prices, stricter emissions regulations and a public concern […]

Wärtsilä Organizes Ship Design

“The new Wärtsilä Ship Design entity is basically a sales organization doing sales support and project management,” said Jaakko Eskola, group vice president, Wärtsilä Ship Power. “It will be a real global design company, currently with 14 operating units across the world.” Wärtsilä has combined its various ship design units into a single entity called […]