Shell LubeAnalyst oil analysis software is being used for used oils of marine engines

used oil analysis software

Shell Maritime has launched a new IT platform for its Shell LubeAnalyst oil analysis software. After years of planning and developing, this product is the first step, a first step to show how Shell Maritime Group will digitize its customer service products in the future. The company said the new generation LubeAnalyst Shell platform was […]

Patria Investments Shell and MHPS will develop a 565 megawatt power plant for Brazil

565 MW Plant Planned for Brazil

Patria Investments, Shell and MHPS will develop a 565-megawatt power plant, Brazil’s first natural gas-fired natural gas project to win the auction. The 565 MW Marlim Azul power plant will be commissioned in January 2023. The joint venture will invest $ 2.5 billion in the construction of a thermal power plant whose natural gas will […]