Power Generation with Fuel Gas will remain increasing in future of the renewable power

gas fired power plant

The gas supply can be abbreviated as P2G or PtG. This means that the electrolysis of water mainly alkaline electrolysis, proton exchange membrane electrolysis (PEM), solid oxide electrolysis cell (SOEC) is a method of converting renewable energy as a vector of gaseous energy Like hydrogen and methane In other words, the electrochemical process breaks down […]

Two Companies Joined and working on concept of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Harbor Tug

hydrogen cell power tug

A mutually established concept designing of two companies “Tokyo Kisen Co. Ltd. and e5 Lab Inc.”  for harbor tugboat which is powered by hydrogen fuel cell and large-capacity battery. “Tokyo Kisen Co. Ltd.” (HQ: Yokohama) is Japan’s leading tugboat company and established in 1947. Whose mission is to support maritime safety. The company has been […]

World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant

Once again China is leading in the innovative projects of Power Plants, especially solar power plant. China installed a huge filed of solar panels over the lake which was formed in abandoned coal mines at Poignant. This plant has achieved the rating of World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant. World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant […]