Patria Investments Shell and MHPS will develop a 565 megawatt power plant for Brazil

565 MW Plant Planned for Brazil

Patria Investments, Shell and MHPS will develop a 565-megawatt power plant, Brazil’s first natural gas-fired natural gas project to win the auction. The 565 MW Marlim Azul power plant will be commissioned in January 2023. The joint venture will invest $ 2.5 billion in the construction of a thermal power plant whose natural gas will […]

power industry is undergoing transformation with Improvement Monitoring and Analytics Tools

power industry monitoring and analytics tools

The power industry is undergoing transformation and transformation: the increase of wind and solar renewable energy, the development of battery storage technology, and the increasing pressure to reduce operating expenses, all of which have led to the need to improve operational flexibility. Develop a plan to bring utilities into the future with the right sensors, […]

Combination of modern technologies to be used to eliminate power plant emissions

technologies and emission control

In environmental standards for the control of emissions from power plants developed various technologies for the control of pollutants. These technologies have evolved with the development of regulations and the discovery of an increasing number of pollutants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has loosened some rules regarding coal residues and wastewater from power plants, which […]

Nawaz Ali Lakho Plant Manager

Nawaz Ali Lakho

Summary Managed, Operated and Maintained thermal, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Gas Turbine Power Plants and Nuclear for more than 28 years. Used and Implemented PPA, GSA, O&M, LTSA CMMS, Work Permit Systems and EHS. Managed >200 staff (Managers to Workers), Self-motivated and self-starter Power PRO. Managed more than 200 staff including section managers and supervisor, […]

Power Plant Under New Control

Ovation technology data acquisition and directly control Siemens V.84.2 gas turbines, Kraftwerk Siemens steam turbine

Emerson Process Management is replacing gas and steam turbine controls, as well as balance of plant (BOP) controls, at the Felipe Carrillo Puerto power plant in Valladolid, Mexico. The 220 MW, 2×1 combined cycle plant is owned by Comisíon Federal de Electricidad (CFE). The plant’s existing Siemens controls had been in use since the plant […]