Gas Renewable and Storage are being considered Disrupters in Power Industry

This has been a difficult time for many coal and nuclear power companies in the past few years as countless coal and multiple nuclear power plants have been shut down. In an era of abundant natural gas and relatively cheap gas due to advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technology, most casualties are in […]

Water chemistry is very important for the Power Plants it is life and death

Power plant and water chemistry

On December 9, 1986, an elbow in the system ruptured, condensing cooling water at the Surry Nuclear Power Plant near Williamsburg, Virginia, killing four workers and losing tens of millions of dollars in revenue and maintenance costs. According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), corrosion occurred in the bends of the pipes of the […]

power industry is undergoing transformation with Improvement Monitoring and Analytics Tools

power industry monitoring and analytics tools

The power industry is undergoing transformation and transformation: the increase of wind and solar renewable energy, the development of battery storage technology, and the increasing pressure to reduce operating expenses, all of which have led to the need to improve operational flexibility. Develop a plan to bring utilities into the future with the right sensors, […]

Empowering the future grid system with the Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial internet of Things

The deregulation of the 1990s to today’s constantly changing and evolving power generation product portfolio the industry has had to adapt and everyone knows there will be more changes. In recent years, the technology of the power generation industry has developed rapidly. Processors are getting faster and cheaper. The network is constantly evolving and availability […]


Executive Summary Industry Experience : field supervisor with 10 years of comprehensive knowledge of utility scele      power plant startup, normal operation,and transient response action. Zero lost time to injury or accident. Key Achievement Emergency handle while fire in turbine compartment. Black out restoration with 1 hour machine started and synch with grid. GE Frame 9E […]

Florida Power & Light FPL using Smart Technology to increase the grid reliability

Florida Power & Light’s (FPL’s) website opens with this bold claim: “The most intelligent grid in America.” Its latest smart grid project—winner of this year’s POWER Smart Grid Award—adds muscle to that claim. Florida Power & Light consciously set out to improve its outage restoration and grid resilience performance during harsh weather of Florida. The company started using […]