Flue gas desulphurisation grows in China

Chinese suppliers of flue gas desulphurisation systems have installed or have orders for plants with a total electrical capacity of over 500,000 MW. This compares to only 180,000 MW in the U.S., according to a plant-by-plant analysis by the McIlvaine Chinese Utility Plans database. The research also shows that China is operating 379,000 MW of […]

Wärtsilä Wins Major Conversion Orders from Brazilian Power Producers

Wärtsilä has received contracts from three Brazilian independent power producers (IPPs) to provide conversions for their generating stations. The conversions will enable them to attain fuel flexibility and switch from heavy fuel oil (HFO) to gas operation. The combined value of the three contracts, which were received in January 2009, is in excess of EUR […]

Update: What’s That Scrubber Going to Cost?

POWER published a summary of the flue gas desulfurization system scrubber cost survey conducted by the EUCG’s Fossil Productivity Committee in our July 2007 issue. Although the detailed results of the latest survey are proprietary to EUCG members that participated in it, we are privileged to present the newest summary data. The bottom line: Costs […]


In September 2008, GE Energy’s Jenbacher J624, the world’s first 24-cylinder gas engine, made its commercial debut in a new cogeneration plant installed at one of the Netherlands’ largest commercial tomato greenhouse operations. Two of GE’s 4 MW, natural gas-fueled J624 GS engines are powering the cogeneration plant at Royal Pride Holland’s sprawling greenhouse facility […]