Two European marine engine manufacturers MAN Diesel and Turbo

Two Giants Join In Hercules-C Two European marine engine manufacturers, MAN Diesel & Turbo and Wärtsilä Corp., agree to pursue Hercules-C joint research Wärtsilä and MAN Diesel & Turbo have announced their continued partnership for the third chapter of the Hercules project. The overall vision of the Hercules research program is for sustainable and safe […]

Nakilats LNG ships are now covered by MAN PrimeServe

Nakilat’s LNG ships are now covered by MAN PrimeServe, MAN Diesel & Turbo’s after-sales division, following the signing of a 10-year Engine Management Concept (EMC) maintenance agreement with STASCO, the shipping division of Royal Dutch Shell. The agreement covers maintenance management, planning, assistance from PrimeServ superintendent engineers and fitters, as well as spare parts for […]

MAN Diesel and Turbo SE is building a new emissions test center in Augsburg Germany

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE is building a new emissions test center in Augsburg, Germany. The test facility, which goes by the name CentAur, will be used to test measures designed to reduce emissions from marine and power generation engines. With tougher emissions standards taking effect in 2016, the facility will test various emissions reduction […]

MAN Diesel and Turbo new G-type engine is designed with a longer stroke to reduce engine speed

Paving The Way For Ship Designs With High Efficiency: MAN Diesel & Turbo’s new G-type engine is designed with a longer stroke to reduce engine speed by bo svensson The first MAN Diesel & Turbo Gtype engine, designated G80ME-C, has a design that follows the principles of the large-bore Mk-9 engine series introduced in 2006. […]

Gabon government to receive four gen-sets engine-related plant auxiliaries

Dual-Fuel Power For Gabon: Gabon government to receive four gen-sets, engine-related plant auxiliaries  by DJ Slater MAN Diesel & Turbo and Telemenia, the Israeli power engineering company, have signed a contract for the supply of four generator sets and engine-related auxiliaries to the Gabon government in Africa. The generator sets are powered by MAN Diesel […]

MAN Diesel Turbo Engine Installed At Spain Power Plant

Endesa, the Spanish energy supplier, has completed an extension to its power plant in Ceuta, Spain, with the installation and commissioning of an MAN 12V48/60B engine. MAN Diesel & Turbo Spain negotiated the contract for the new engine that includes the supply of an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system. The 12V18/60 engine is the fourth […]