Cleaning Up Landfill Gas

Cleaning Up Landfill Gas: Parker Hannifin’s GES Siloxane Removal System improves quality of landfill gas by phil burnside Landfill gas and the gas generated from wastewater treatment plants and other digester environments represent easily recoverable, abundant sources of methane gas. Recovering the energy locked in that gas makes sense economically and environmentally. When converted into […]

Solar Turbines Inc Calabasas Landfill Gas-To-Energy Facility USA

Solar Turbines Inc Calabasas Landfill Gas-To-Energy Facility, U.S.A. Start-up phase for the Calabasas Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facility in Agoura, California, U.S.A., began on June 1, 2010. Commercial operation was declared on July 12, 2010. The plant broke new ground for operation on very low Btu landfill gas while simultaneously achieving industry-low emission levels. Plant equipment consists […]