MAN Diesel and Turbo SE is building a new emissions test center in Augsburg Germany

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE is building a new emissions test center in Augsburg, Germany. The test facility, which goes by the name CentAur, will be used to test measures designed to reduce emissions from marine and power generation engines. With tougher emissions standards taking effect in 2016, the facility will test various emissions reduction […]

Giessen-Marburg University Clinic Germany

Tognum, MTU Onsite Energy: Giessen-Marburg University Clinic, Germany Large quantities of electricity, cooling power and heat are needed to run a clinic. The university clinic of Giessen-Marburg, Germany, for example, has around 1150 beds and consumes on average 35 000 kWh daily. The clinic one of 50 run by healthcare provider Rhön-Klinikum AG is to […]

Irsching 5 Combined-Cycle Power Plant Germany

Siemens Energy : Irsching 5 Combined-Cycle Power Plant, Germany On May 17, 2010, after around two years of construction, the Irsching 5 combined-cycle power plant near Ingolstadt, Germany, was put into operation in an official ceremony. The owner of the new plant is Gemeinschaftskraftwerke Irsching GmbH (GKI), a project company consisting of E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH, […]