Measuring Flue Gas On The Go

Measuring Flue Gas On The Go: New Land Instruments portable gas analyzer detects up to nine gases with 17 key measurement parameters Land Instruments, a U.K.-based unit of Ametek Inc., has introduced the Lancom 4, a portable flue gas analyzer designed to measure up to nine different gases with 17 key measurement parameters. Land Instruments […]

Flue gas desulphurisation grows in China

Chinese suppliers of flue gas desulphurisation systems have installed or have orders for plants with a total electrical capacity of over 500,000 MW. This compares to only 180,000 MW in the U.S., according to a plant-by-plant analysis by the McIlvaine Chinese Utility Plans database. The research also shows that China is operating 379,000 MW of […]

Update: What’s That Scrubber Going to Cost?

POWER published a summary of the flue gas desulfurization system scrubber cost survey conducted by the EUCG’s Fossil Productivity Committee in our July 2007 issue. Although the detailed results of the latest survey are proprietary to EUCG members that participated in it, we are privileged to present the newest summary data. The bottom line: Costs […]