Irsching 5 Combined-Cycle Power Plant Germany

Siemens Energy : Irsching 5 Combined-Cycle Power Plant, Germany On May 17, 2010, after around two years of construction, the Irsching 5 combined-cycle power plant near Ingolstadt, Germany, was put into operation in an official ceremony. The owner of the new plant is Gemeinschaftskraftwerke Irsching GmbH (GKI), a project company consisting of E.ON Kraftwerke GmbH, […]

Advanced Technology Combined Cycles

Advanced Technology Combined Cycles By: R.W. Smith, P. Polukort, C.E. Maslak, C.M. Jones, B.D. Gardiner, GE Power Systems Schenectady, NY Introduction The General Electric H technology combined cycles represent the most advanced power generation systems available today. These combined-cycle power generation systems can achieve 60% net thermal efficiency burning natural gas. Their environmental impact per […]