Cogeneration Application Considerations

Cogeneration Application Considerations John A. Jacobs III, Technical Leader, Evaluation & Analysis Martin Schneider, Senior Marketing Manager Introduction Cogeneration or CHP (Combined Heat and Power). The terms cogeneration and CHP are used interchangeably in this paper and are defined as the combined simultaneous generation of heat and electrical energy with a common source of fuel. […]

Powering the Cologne/Bonn Airport

Powering the Cologne/Bonn Airport Airport plant surpasses 200 000 operating hours The Konrad Adenauer airport in Cologne/Bonn, Germany, is powered by a combined heat and power plant (CHP) with four GE Energy Jenbacher type 616, 2 MW gas engines in operation since 1999. On the 10th anniversary of the power plant’s installation, it was calculated […]