Berkefeld introduces the midiRO CEDI water treatment system

The midiRO CEDI (continuous electro-deionisation) uses an electrodemineralisation process to produce demineralised water of a high degree of purity from the permeate of integrated reverse osmosis. The CEDI systems from Berkefeld have conductivity values of less than 0.5 µS/cm and with two-level demineralisation values up to 0.055 µS/cm. The system is characterised by the fact […]

Berkefeld supplies water treatment technology to grain mills in Turkmenistan

Unionmatex Industrieanlagen, a German supplier of industrial plants, is relying on Berkefeld water treatment technology to manage the water cycle of the grain mills, from the production of drinking and process water and purification to the recycling of the wastewater. Unionmatex is building several large-scale grain mill plants with a connected big bakery which require […]