2019 was record year for renewables In world Power and Energy

renewable energy investment 2019

According to data released on January 16 by research company Bloomberg (BNEF), financial support for offshore wind energy project installations has helped record investment in renewable energy capacity reach record highs in 2019. The organization said that global investment in renewable energy last year was US $ 282.2 billion, a year-on-year increase compared with US […]

PJM Interconnect will not proceed to a basic residual auction BRA

PJM Interconnect will not proceed to a basic residual auction (BRA) until the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has approved new capacity and a recalculated minimum floor price (MOPR) floor price for existing entities shaken on December 19. Market order. But when this happens is still very uncertain. PJM has not finalized the proposed calendars […]

GE and Hitachi JV claims to use ARMOR zirconia and a lead-resistant test a New Accident Tolerant Fuel

Accident Tolerant Fuel in Nuclear Plant

Global Nuclear Fuels (GNF), a joint venture led by GE and Hitachi Ltd. that provides fuel for boiling water reactors and fuel related services worldwide, claims to use ARMOR zirconia and a lead-resistant test. The impact of IronClad emergency fuel solutions components were installed at the Clinton Nuclear Power Plant in Exelon, Illinois. The US […]

Volkswagen has received bids from three top companies

MAN energy solution

According to Reuters, Volkswagen has received bids from INNIO, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Cummins for its MAN energy solutions business. MAN Energy, formerly known as MAN Diesel & Turbo, mainly produces large two-stroke and four-stroke diesel and gasoline engines for marine, oil and gas and power generation applications, generator sets and complete marine propulsion systems, […]

Coal is still vital for power generation worldwide

Coal Power Plant

In recent years, the established capacity factor and capacity of US coal fleets has been declining. The main reason for the decline is the economic capacity caused by the low cost of natural gas and the cost of compliance with different environmental standards for coal generators. Both types of natural gas have a competitive advantage […]