Empowering the future grid system with the Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial internet of Things

The deregulation of the 1990s to today’s constantly changing and evolving power generation product portfolio the industry has had to adapt and everyone knows there will be more changes. In recent years, the technology of the power generation industry has developed rapidly. Processors are getting faster and cheaper. The network is constantly evolving and availability […]

Fast-Tracking a Control System Retrofit

Upgrading a 1970s-era generator control system to new millennium technology in 12 days during a three-week shutdown would require careful planning and teamwork under any circumstances. The quick replacement of the governor and control system at the PT Inco smelter’s hydroelectric generation system is even more impressive because the facility is located in the middle […]

In Search of Perfect Power

What do you do when your research institution is losing roughly half a million dollars annually as a result of multiple electricity outages—and electricity demand keeps rising? If you’re the Illinois Institute of Technology, you turn the challenge into a campuswide learning experience by teaming with the Galvin Electricity Initiative and other experts to design […]

Making the Most of Thermal Imaging Data

Investor-owned electric utilities are chartered to provide cost-effective and reliable electric service. An important element in ensuring the reliability of the electric system is a proactive preventive maintenance program. One of the tools available to identify areas of possible failure is the thermal imaging camera, which can capture an image and rapidly display areas of […]

Helping Power Plant Control Systems Achieve NERC CIP Compliance

This guide offers suggestions from a control system engineering perspective for protecting power-generating units that are determined to be critical cyber assets In June 2006, the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) standards for Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)—Cyber Security 1 were adopted. The roots of these standards can be traced back to the U.S. Energy […]

Boiler-Tuning Basics, Part I

Tuning power plant controls takes nerves of steel and an intimate knowledge of plant systems gained only by experience. Tuning controls also requires equal parts art and science, which probably is why there are so few tuning experts in the power industry. In Part I of a two-part series, we explore a mix of the […]