Coal is still vital for power generation worldwide

Coal Power Plant

In recent years, the established capacity factor and capacity of US coal fleets has been declining. The main reason for the decline is the economic capacity caused by the low cost of natural gas and the cost of compliance with different environmental standards for coal generators. Both types of natural gas have a competitive advantage […]

Patria Investments Shell and MHPS will develop a 565 megawatt power plant for Brazil

565 MW Plant Planned for Brazil

Patria Investments, Shell and MHPS will develop a 565-megawatt power plant, Brazil’s first natural gas-fired natural gas project to win the auction. The 565 MW Marlim Azul power plant will be commissioned in January 2023. The joint venture will invest $ 2.5 billion in the construction of a thermal power plant whose natural gas will […]

power industry is undergoing transformation with Improvement Monitoring and Analytics Tools

power industry monitoring and analytics tools

The power industry is undergoing transformation and transformation: the increase of wind and solar renewable energy, the development of battery storage technology, and the increasing pressure to reduce operating expenses, all of which have led to the need to improve operational flexibility. Develop a plan to bring utilities into the future with the right sensors, […]


power generation

Lecture Series on Energy Resources and Technology by Prof.S.Banerjee,Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. lectricity is a secondary energy source – we get it from the conversion of other sources of energy, such as coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear power and other natural sources. These are called primary energy sources. The process of generating electricity […]

Automatic Bus Lane Enforcement in New York by Siemens

Siemens ABLE

Siemens Mobility has successfully launched an Automatic Bus Lane Enforcement (ABLE) solution in New York City, representing the first-ever application of this technology to be mounted on buses. The ABLE systems are installed on M15 Select Bus Service buses that operate on bus lanes benefitting more than 44,000 daily customers. The technology is playing a […]

European Union has reached an agreement with each other on rules financing of green energy projects

EU clean green energy

The European Union (EU) announced on December 16 that it has reached an agreement among its member states on rules concerning the financing of green energy projects. After reaching a consensus on whether nuclear and natural gas should be included, lawmakers approved a list of technologies and activities that could be classified as green. The […]