ZF marine drive systems has introduced Intelligent Traction Control

zf marine thruster monitoring

A World Wide expert ZF in marine drive systems, has introduced Intelligent Traction Control (CMS) for thrusters. The new CMS technology monitors the condition of the propulsion system and helps shipyards, transport companies and fleet operators maintain the safety and efficiency of their vessels and extend the service life of the propulsion system. The new […]

Shell LubeAnalyst oil analysis software is being used for used oils of marine engines

used oil analysis software

Shell Maritime has launched a new IT platform for its Shell LubeAnalyst oil analysis software. After years of planning and developing, this product is the first step, a first step to show how Shell Maritime Group will digitize its customer service products in the future. The company said the new generation LubeAnalyst Shell platform was […]

A Quantum Leap In Shipping

A Quantum Leap In Shipping :Hull design and engine technology combine for more efficiency, fewer emissions in shipping vessel by bo svensson There is an increasing interest in improving seaborne transportation and lessening its impact on the environment. It is driven by factors such as increasing fuel prices, stricter emissions regulations and a public concern […]

A Bigger Ship For More Efficiency

A Bigger Ship For More Efficiency: Maersk Line orders larger, more efficient shipping vessels for Asia to Europe routes, by bo svensson   Maersk Line has signed a contract with Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd. to build 10 larger and more efficient vessels, along with an option for an additional 20 vessels. […]

Wärtsilä GMD Sign Agreement On 2-Stroke Engines

Wärtsilä GMD Sign Agreement On 2-Stroke Engines

Wärtsilä and CSSC Guangzhou Marine Diesel Co. Ltd (GMD), a member of the state-owned China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) Group, have jointly signed a license agreement for the manufacture and sale of Wärtsilä 2-stroke engines in China. The agreement covers the entire engine portfolio with a power range of between 4300 and more than 80 […]