Shell LubeAnalyst oil analysis software is being used for used oils of marine engines

used oil analysis software

Shell Maritime has launched a new IT platform for its Shell LubeAnalyst oil analysis software. After years of planning and developing, this product is the first step, a first step to show how Shell Maritime Group will digitize its customer service products in the future. The company said the new generation LubeAnalyst Shell platform was […]

Versatile Lubricant For Varying Sulfur Levels

Versatile Lubricant For Varying Sulfur Levels: Total Lubmarine presents its Talusia Universal lubricant, fit for both low- and high-sulfur HFO by roberta prandi Nowadays ship operators are forced to face issues arising from the need to operate within emission control areas (ECAs). They must also, above all else, observe the highest standards of safety. As […]

Chevron Introduces Marine Lubricant For Low Sulfur Fuels

Chevron Introduces Marine Lubricant For Low Sulfur Fuels Chevron’s Delo brand of engine oils, lubricants and coolants has introduced the newest member of its product family, Delo 710 LE (Low Emissions) SAE 20W-40 –designed with tier-four engine compliance in mind. Chevron Delo 710 LE is a premium diesel engine oil for use in EMD and […]

Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of Natural Gas Engines

It’s no secret that energy producers rely heavily on the performance of their natural gas engines. Simply stated, if these paramount machines are not running, the profit margins can be quickly drained. Thus, it’s imperative for energy producers to develop and implement lean manufacturing strategies to meet their production targets and remain competitive. A gas […]