Siemens Hybrid Energy Storage System

Tram, streetcar and light rail systems can provide very efficient, environmentally friendly urban mass transit.However, they do require a significant investment for tracks and overhead catenary lines to deliver electricity to moving vehicles. Catenaries can be rather unsightly, especially in congested downtown and historical districts. They also can be quite complicated and expensive to construct […]

Brazed Copper-Brass Finds Niche in Locomotive Applications

Brazed Copper-Brass Finds Niche in Locomotive Applications As OEMs around the world embrace brazed copper and brass for a variety of heat-exchanger applications, oneapplication, in which CuproBraze technology is being adopted at a rapid rate, is onboard heat exchangers for locomotives. Railways enjoy a rich history and remain a major mode of transportation despite being […]

Electro-Motive Diesel Awarded Contract For 25 SD70ACS Locomotives From Saudi Railway Company

Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. (EMD) has signed a contract with the Public Investment Fund – Ministry of Finance to manufacture a quantity of 25 SD70ACS heavy haul AC diesel electric locomotives for Saudi Railway Company (SAR). These units are specifically designated for used on the North – South line. They will carry minerals on over 1482km […]