Two European marine engine manufacturers MAN Diesel and Turbo

Two Giants Join In Hercules-C Two European marine engine manufacturers, MAN Diesel & Turbo and Wärtsilä Corp., agree to pursue Hercules-C joint research Wärtsilä and MAN Diesel & Turbo have announced their continued partnership for the third chapter of the Hercules project. The overall vision of the Hercules research program is for sustainable and safe […]

Turbocharger Design System Software

TurboMatch from Concepts NREC matches a turbocharger design to the specific engine system by brent haight Concepts NREC has introduced a new software product designed to fill the engineering design gap between engines and turbochargers. TurboMatch provides an integrated approach to the design and analysis of the complex interaction between the compressor, turbine and other […]

MAN Powers LNG Carrier

Five dual-fuel MAN 51/60DF engines to form diesel-electric propulsion plant MAN Diesel & Turbo is playing a part in powering a 300 m LNG carrier. Five dual-fuel MAN 51/60DF engines, each delivering 8000 kW at 514 r/min, serve as the diesel-electric propulsion plant for the new LNG vessel Castillo de Santisteban, which was delivered by […]

Cultivating Biogas-Fueled Power

Cultivating Biogas-Fueled Power: MTU introduces Series 4000 biogas engines for CHP applications by roberta prandi When the profit margins from conventional agricultural crops, such as corn, cereals or potatoes, dropped in Germany at the end of the 1990s, many farming enterprises looked for alternative ways of doing business and increasing revenue. One avenue that gained […]