LEC power station

One of the driving forces behind the shift is the increase in shale gas production. “Shale Gas” is natural gas found mainly in methane formations in shale formations, some of which were formed during the Devonian and Ordovician periods of Earth’s history. More than 300 million years ago, shale was deposited as fine dust and […]

interconnection costs at the Lackawanna site are extremely low

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The interconnection costs at the Lackawanna site are extremely low, which is basic and the gas supply is in great condition. As Invenergy CEO Michael Polsky stated, this is OK. In 2012, the private worldwide designer initially thought about Aba on the edges of Scranton, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. A power plant is worked alongside the […]

Power Plant with World Class Performance and Most Efficient

“The Alpine Power Plant’s most prominent asset is the gathering of representatives who are focused on serving their individuals;’ Dan Calverley, VP of generation for Wolverine (Source :Internet). The Alpine plant is the state’s largest creating station north of Midland, including the state’s Upper Peninsula, where WEC Energy Group auxiliary Upper Michigan Energy Resources began […]

World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant

Once again China is leading in the innovative projects of Power Plants, especially solar power plant. China installed a huge filed of solar panels over the lake which was formed in abandoned coal mines at Poignant. This plant has achieved the rating of World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant. World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant […]