MAN Energy Solution Turbine Maintenance

MAN Energy Solutions is working with 20 service requests and pilot customers with turbine maintenance and repair to test their recently developed PrimeServ EyeTech Extra Supportive Reality. Remote support lets you set up mobile video conferencing with data glasses. This way, the technical experts at the MAN Remote Operations Center can understand the customer’s point of view without standing still.

Our experts can help you quickly and easily with glasses-made interactive video calls. Supporting real-world solutions has great potential in maintenance and repair. Realization technology is a technology that allows people to share their surroundings with experts who can solve problems in real time. We started developing PrimeServ EyeTech in 2018 and are now testing smart goggles in the field.

PrimeServ EyeTech combines a helmet with a camera, a miniature screen, a microphone and a helmet. The helmet-mounted camera allows MAN experts to see what technicians see on the screen and to guide technicians visually and acoustically through the maintenance process. Additional information is provided to customers via the helmet display.

PrimeServ EyeTech makes scanning very specific: the use of assisted reality technology can directly benefit customers. This technology saves time, money and is good for the environment because our experts do not have to spend as much time. PrimeServ EyeTech quickly connects our experts with our customers while giving them access to our global network of experts.

PrimeServ EyeTech is part of PrimeServ Assist, powered by MAN CEO SolutionsN, a new digital service solution from MAN Energy Solutions, designed to provide customers with comprehensive and timely assistance.

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