MHPS Patria Investments Shell investment in 565 MW Marlim Azul Power Station

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas (MHPS), Patria Investments and Shell announced a contract with the Brazilian State Development Bank (BNDES) to finance the gas-powered Marlim Azul Energia power plant in Macae, Rio de Janeiro,

According to companies, the 565 MW Marlim Azul Power Station is the first Brazilian salt-powered energy project to win an auction and offer consumers very attractive electricity prices. The plant is also the first in Brazil to use the MHPS M501JAC gas turbine. JAC technology also has high operational flexibility, which allows the station to complement intermittent renewable production.

MHPS is proud to be the first developer and provider of technology solutions for the Marlim Azul energy project. JAC Power Island will efficiently convert domestic subsalt associated gas into electricity for Brazil’s growing economy. This is a change of power.

Officially agreed in December 2018, a joint venture between Patria, Shell and MHPS includes the development of the plant, as well as the trade in energy generated. Patria Investments owns a 50.1% stake in the project, Grupo Shell – 29.9%, and MHPS – 20%. The loan approved by the bank for the construction of the plant is 2 billion rubles in 24 years.

The contract with BNDES is an important step in the development project, which will make a decisive contribution to consolidating the new natural gas market, thereby making the market and prices more competitive. We are transforming energy production from Brazilian salt gas into reality.

The plant will begin operations in January 2023. The joint venture invested 2.5 billion rubbles (approximately $ 650 million) to build a thermal power station, and Shell Brazil’s Petróleo Ltda provided natural gas. At the peak of the plant, about 1,500 employees will be employed.

This is a ground breaking and competitive project that will allow us to profit from Brazilian gas before it releases. To do this, we have chosen partners with common goals and a vision for the future. Marlim Azul is the latest sign of our energy transition bid. Establishing a new value for natural gas and focusing on our production in energy and trade have made this project a landmark in our Brazilian history.

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