Wartsila Modular Block

Wärtsilä Technology cluster has declared the primary acquisition of its innovative Wärtsilä answer for the assembly of standard power from the worldwide mobile, modular, power, temperature and power regulator Aggreko. Four mid-speed Wärtsilä module housings with a Wärtsilä 32 engine can offer forty MW of power to the Syama Mine in Mali, Africa. Agregreco ordered the unit in Gregorian calendar month 2019. The agreement was 1st signed in a very cooperation agreement between Versil and Agregreco, declared in June this year.

Wärtsilä modular block solutions will replace existing diesel generators currently used in mines. Due to the high efficiency of the engine, the new solution will greatly save monthly fuel costs. Quick start and load tracking capabilities will help integrate renewable energy into the mine’s energy system. The mine will be equipped with reliable, flexible and affordable solutions, which will help increase the mine’s impact on the environment.

By 2020, three Wärtsilä modular modules will be installed next to the existing power station, providing a total of 30 MW of electricity. A fourth 10 MW modular module will be installed in 2022. The agreement with Agrico includes the option to add a fifth 10 MW to the power plant. The scalability of the Wärtsilä modular module solution enables mines to add additional power capacity when needed to support future growth. The Wärtsilä modular unit supports our generation investment strategy and, as a part of the hybrid solution, permits us to provide Resolute an incredibly cost powerful answer for sixteen years. This unit opens up thrilling new possibilities for both continuous and rental electricity generation. Wärtsilä is pleased to partner with Aggreko in this rapidly growing market, and this primary order is encouraging for the destiny achievement of our partnership

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