Siemens Dual Fuel gas turbine

Siemens has announced it has signed a cooperation agreement in Sweden to test renewable fuels at the Rya plant in the Gothenburg power port. The first phase of the deal with Göteborg Energi is a 3D printing torch check at the Rya plant.

The goal is that by 2030, all district heating in Gothenburg, Sweden will be produced from renewable or recycled energy. Gothenburg Energi and Siemens will test advanced gas turbine technology that can run renewable fuels in Rya’s combined heat and power (CHP) power plants powered by natural gas today. In the first step, an SGT-800 test turbine was installed at the Rya plant to validate the 3D printed burner, and then different non-fossil fuels could be tested at the plant. The production of gas turbine burners using additive manufacturing (AM) has made a decisive contribution to accelerating the development of new technologies that contribute to the supply of green energy.

Siemens Gas & Power has initiated the development of an accelerated process validation process for new technologies and components, which is now underway at the plant at Ry-TEC. The factory has special test engines to support new developments. Working with Siemens, we hope to explore the possibility of converting electricity and heat as part of our difficulty in achieving independence from non-fossil energy. The combined cycle Rya power plant was supplied by Siemens in 2006 and includes three SGT-800 gas turbines.

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