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Shell Maritime has launched a new IT platform for its Shell LubeAnalyst oil analysis software. After years of planning and developing, this product is the first step, a first step to show how Shell Maritime Group will digitize its customer service products in the future. The company said the new generation LubeAnalyst Shell platform was created to provide a simpler sample management process that includes online sample registration and label printing, eliminating the need for labeling. hand samples. This minimizes the risk of error and simplifies the lives of people on board.

It provides fundamental insights when operating profiles or other circumstances change, such as sulfur limits in fuel. Advanced lubricant analysis and communication capabilities are driving digital technology services that optimize productivity. Updates include an intuitive customer portal, custom dashboards, interactive charts and an easy-to-use oil analysis report format, which allows ship managers to monitor the performance of the entire fleet’s lubricant through the Shell LubeAnalyst homepage. As part of the advanced reporting features, users can also benefit from the simple highlighting of Shell Marine engineers by paying attention to comments and suggestions. Shell LubeAnalyst also offers registered owners access to Shell Marine’s comprehensive library of recommendations, covering all critical equipment and lubricant grades.

The mobile application of Shell LubeAnalyst is already available. Consumers will be able to read all the test reports on their mobile devices and use the new scan and work shortcuts. In times of change, part of our responsibility as a trusted partner is to ensure that our customers receive the right information at the right time and place. Shell LubeAnalyst replaces a service called Shell Rapid Lubricant Analysis.

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