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Rolls-Royce is investing $ 7.7 million. US to create new manufacturing, service and testing capabilities to support the US Navy program. At the naval base in Walpole, Mass., A 24,000-square-foot naval operational complex was officially built, which is scheduled to be completed by Rolls-Royce in a 2020 statement.

Once completed, the flagship of Rolls-Royce’s Naval Defense Complex will add world-class sprinkler repair and overhaul capabilities to its world-class capability portfolio. Rolls-Royce estimates that demand for Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services related to the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (CCS) program will begin to increase next year. Each Freedom LCS is equipped with four Rolls-Royce cylinders. The company is the only propeller system supplier that has demonstrated superior reliability and service reliability. More than 95% of the US Navy’s fleet can find Rolls-Royce propulsion devices.

Rolls-Royce brings important new features to the region, reaffirming our firm commitment to the United States and the largest defense contractor, the US Department of Defense. As we continue to provide world-class U.S. goods and services to support the global U.S. military, the new Walpole plant is just one of the many major investments Rolls-Royce ’s Department of Defense has made in the United States in 2020.

Rolls-Royce Walpole has been supplying critical marine propulsion systems to our marine defense customers for over 50 years. From design and development to after sales support and product service, we provide our customers with vital functions across a range of applications.

Rolls supports more than 70 fleets worldwide, including our largest U.S. Navy customer. It powers a variety of U.S. Navy platforms, including frigates, destroyers, fighter jets, submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibious ships, fleets and auxiliary equipment, and cutters from the United States Coast Guard. Rolls-Royce has operations in 6,000 states in 27 states. Rolls-Royce said that since 2013, it has invested nearly $ 1 billion in research and development in the United States.

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