565 MW Plant Planned for Brazil

Patria Investments, Shell and MHPS will develop a 565-megawatt power plant, Brazil’s first natural gas-fired natural gas project to win the auction. The 565 MW Marlim Azul power plant will be commissioned in January 2023. The joint venture will invest $ 2.5 billion in the construction of a thermal power plant whose natural gas will be provided by Shell Brazil to Petróleo Ltda.

It is expected that Marlim Azul, the first unit to use M501JAC gas turbine MHPS in Brazil, will have a delivery efficiency of more than 80%, which will complement the recurrence of renewable sub-natural gas reserves. About 1500 people work at the peak of the plant.

MHPS is very proud to launch the project and is a technology solutions provider at the Marlim Azul plant. Our JAC gas turbine power generation island will be the most effective way to convert Brazilian salt water, maximizing its value and converting it into electricity to promote Brazil’s growing economy.

Three companies have signed a contract with the Brazil’s State-owned development bank (BNDES) to finance the Marlim Azul Energia natural gas power plant in Mariera, Rio de Janeiro. The Federal Bank has approved a loan for the construction of the plant worth 2 billion rubles. After 24 years.

The joint venture between Patria Shell and MHPS formally reached an agreement in December 2018, which will be auctioned in December 2017 by the National Electrical Energy Agency (ANEEL) and the development of the plant in the captive market in a free contract environment and The energy generated by the exchange (ACL in Portuguese) goes through Shell Energy Brasil. Patria Investments owns 50.1% of the project, of which Grupo Shell owns 29.9% and MHPS owns 20%. For Patria, the energy sector is one of Brazil’s most important sectors, and there are many opportunities for private initiatives.

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