Coal is still vital for power generation worldwide

Coal Power Plant

In recent years, the established capacity factor and capacity of US coal fleets has been declining. The main reason for the decline is the economic capacity caused by the low cost of natural gas and the cost of compliance with different environmental standards for coal generators. Both types of natural gas have a competitive advantage […]

Navajo Generating Station is preparing its new birth soon

Navajo power Station

Notorious coal-fired Navajo Generating Station shut its doors, when a massive renewable energy project jumps in to take its place. We’re talking about the proposed Navajo Energy Storage Station in Arizona, and it’s not just any old renewable energy project. It’s a 10-hour, 2,200 megawatt system, which puts it in the long duration storage category, […]

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued the long-awaited Decree of MOPR

A divided independent Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued the long-awaited Decree on December 19, which requires PJM Interconnect to significantly expand MOPR to resources subsidized in almost all countries. The order will have a significant impact on the PJM capacity market. While it is not surprising that this decision immediately provoked widespread reaction […]

Are you sure Coal will be out of the fuels for power generation

coal power plants and nature

Are you sure Coal will be out of the fuels for power generation? I doubt it, I am sure it will not, however it will continue with improved technologies At its annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas last November, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commission (NARUC) held debates on behalf of coal, natural gas, […]