hydrogen cell power tug

A mutually established concept designing of two companies “Tokyo Kisen Co. Ltd. and e5 Lab Inc.”  for harbor tugboat which is powered by hydrogen fuel cell and large-capacity battery. “Tokyo Kisen Co. Ltd.” (HQ: Yokohama) is Japan’s leading tugboat company and established in 1947. Whose mission is to support maritime safety. The company has been working to assist ship navigation throughout the Tokyo Bay, Japan Sea Transportation Center and one of the world’s busiest sea transportation areas. “e5 Lab Inc.” (HQ: Tokyo) is a provider of transportation solutions based on ship electrification and digitization. Its mission is to achieve sustainable domestic transportation of lifeline in Japan. The company combines the latest technology and ideas to create new added value and solve domestic transportation problems to ensure safe navigation of ships, electrification, environment, efficiency, economics and evolution. At present, In 2021 the company is working hard to complete the electric EV tanker “EV tanker” of ” Asahi Tanker Co. Ltd”.

The e5 tugboat is a fully electrified tugboat designed to minimize environmental impact. The e5 Tug is equipped with a propulsion system designed and commissioned by the e5 Lab on the “e5 Powertrain Platform”, which utilizes a large-capacity battery system as the primary source of power and uses hydrogen fuel cells and generators as auxiliary power sources. The electric propulsion system is designed to ensure that port tugs that require large amounts of power to function have sufficient bollard pull and continuous cruising time. In addition, by installing a fuel cell, carbon dioxide emissions can be minimized.

The joint project draws on the knowledge and experience of Tokyo Kisen as a tugboat operator, and e5 Lab is conducting conceptual planning/development, design and project management and will conduct by consulting the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, ClassNK and other agencies to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. After making the final investment decision, our goal is to inauguration tugboats for commercial operations in Yokohama Port and Kawasaki Port in 2022.

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