Man 20V35-44G

MAN Energy Solutions is a leading gas engine manufacturer in Europe, which began production in Stuttgart and SchwäbischHall cities in 2018. The company received an order from Statera Power, a UK-based energy company providing eight MAN 20V 35/44 G TS engines for two 50 MW power plants as shown in figure 1.

Such orders are the first part of a recent framework agreement between the two companies to supply 20V35/44 G TS reciprocating natural gas engines to Statera’s United Kingdom power plants. Twenty-four of these engines are the first to be deployed in the United Kingdom and will provide the National Grid with a maximum of 300 MW of effective backup power and will be installed over the next 18 months in six new plants.

The United Kingdom is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, which means that large-scale deployment of weather-dependent, intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar will be needed in the coming years. Aurora Energy Research predicts that by 2050, 50 TWh of backup power will be needed to support renewable energy, which will account for about 9% of the energy mix. Compared to the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plant, Statera’s new power plant marks an innovative shift in the way natural gas is used to meet the urgent nature of energy shortages or peak demand in the UK grid.

In addition, each of Statera’s power plants will be equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit, which will ensure that emissions are not only within the limits of the Environmental Agency, but also consistent with levels already measured in the atmosphere. We are pleased to partner with MAN Energy Solutions, which develops what we consider to be truly top-notch engines and leads the way in using natural gas and synthetic natural gas to accomplish electricity with best adaptability and efficiency. According to MAN Energy Solutions, this is the only large engine manufacturer that designs and manufactures its own turbocharger to ensure a perfect match with the engine. The engine has a bore and stroke of 350 X 440 mm and a maximum power of 12.4 MW.

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