Nawaz Ali Lakho


  • Managed, Operated and Maintained thermal, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Gas Turbine Power Plants and Nuclear for more than 28 years.
  • Used and Implemented PPA, GSA, O&M, LTSA CMMS, Work Permit Systems and EHS.
  • Managed >200 staff (Managers to Workers),
  • Self-motivated and self-starter Power PRO.
  • Managed more than 200 staff including section managers and supervisor,
  • Operated & Maintained 410 ton super-critical HFO/NG/LDO fired boilers,
  • Operated & Maintained Triple pressure Deltak & Double pressure Doosan Heat Recovery Steam Generators,
  • Operated & Maintained Mitsubishi 127 MW Reheat condensing steam Turbines,
  • Operated & Maintained GE 196 MW Non-reheat condensing steam turbine,
  • Operated & Maintained Fuji 65 MW Non-reheat condensing steam turbine,
  • Operated & Maintained GE Frame MS9E gas turbines,
  • Operated & Maintained GE PG6FA gas turbines,
  • Operated & Maintained Alstom GT13DM gas turbine,
  • Attended Training of GE TM2500 gas turbines,
  • Used CMMS of CM at expert level,
  • Used Work Permit System of NiSoft at Expert Level,
  • Used MP2 CMMS at expert User Level,
  • Used MAXIMO at Entry Level,
  • Witnessed one Major, 3 HGPI and 6 CI inspection of 586 MW CCPP,
  • Witnessed two CI inspections of 175 MW CCPP,
  • Witnessed two Majors of 127 MW thermal Power station,
  • Witnessed and was part of cold and hot commissioning of 586 MW CCPP, 225 MW CPPP, 175 MW CCPP, 250 MW Simple Cycle PP and 150 Simple Cycle PP.Used,
  • Operated and Maintained various control systems, including,ABB’s Pro Control P14, GE’s Mark 6 I, Mark VI, Mark V, ACS’s DCS-1000, Emerson’s Ovation, Siemens DCS


Company: ProDiesel
Responsibility: Plant Manager
Serving: May 2014 – Present
Location: Basra, Republic Of Iraq

PRODIESEL PVT LTD, who has O&M contract of 150 MW Open Cycle Power plant, located in Al-Shuaiba, Basra, Republic of Iraq. Plant consist of 2 ABB GT13DM turbines with ISO capacity of 92 MW each running on simple cycle supplying power to Ministry of Electricity, Iraq. Plant has two fuel systems; the LDO and HFO (primary fuel). Following are my responsibilities: Management of 200 O & M staff, Management of all disciplines of maintaining Gas turbine power plant, Development of monthly, weekly and Daily operating reports, Planning and execution of all O&M activities related to generation,Report to Director O&M directly, Taking all steps and directing the section managers to achieve main goal of Maximum Availability, using prudential and OEM practices.Responsible for leading in all emergencies may occur in Simple cycle power plant. Create, Review and maintain standard operating procedures, Leading Operation Manger, Maintenance Manager and EHS Manger. Managed, Planned and executed two majors outage of the plant.

Company: ProDiesel
Responsibility: Operation Manager
Served: April 2014 – May 2014 (2 months)
Location: Basra, Republic of Iraq
Managed of 33 Employees.Looked after day to day operational management.Met KPI’s for safety, production, performance and budget.Recruited, trained and developed Staff for operations.Addressed short to long term engineering and operational issues.Made commercially minded business decisions.

Responsible: Operations Manager
Served: September 2013 – March 2014 (7 months)
Location: Karbala, Iraq
AEPL OASIS, who had O&M contract of 250 MW Simple Cycle Power plant,located in Karbala, Republic of Iraq. Plant consists of 2 GE frame 9E turbines with ISO capacity of 115 MW each running on simple cycle supplying power to Ministry of Electricity, Iraq, Who are also Owners of the plant. Plant has three fuel systems; the LDO, HFO and NG. Following were my responsibilities:

  • Managed 36 Operation staff including three shift Engineers,
  • Managed all disciplines of maintaining Gas turbine power plant,
  • Developed monthly, weekly and Daily operating reports,
  • Developed of fault finding and trip reports,
  • Planned and executed of all operating activities related to generation,
  • Reported to O&M Manager directly,
  • Worked with Maintenance Manager during all Maintenance work and restoration of plant’s generation,
  • Took all steps to achieve main goal of Maximum Availability, using prudential and OEM practices,
  • Lead in all emergencies may occur in Simple cycle power plant.
  • Created, Reviewed and maintained standard operating procedures,
  • Maintained all operating records and reports by delegating to Shift Engineers,
  • l was responsible for site safety systems, work closely with EHS engineer.

Company: KEPCO KPS
Responsible: Shift Engineer
Served: January 2010 – August 2013 (3 years 8 months)
Location: Daharki, Sindh, Pakistan
Worked as Shift Engineer with KEPCO KPS, a Korean Company, Who are O&M contractors for FPCDL, a subsidiary company of Fauji Foundation, for
their project in Daharki, Sindh, It is 178 MW CCPP and situated at about 8 KM Dad Leghari Road Daharki. Plant consists of one GE Frame 9E combustion turbines with capacity of 120 MW, a Fuji Steam turbine of 65 MW, one heat recovery steam generator from DOOSAN of Korea.

Note: Between Dec 2011 and May 2012 I was assigned as Assistant Operation Manager, during this additional responsibility, following were my tasks:

  • Assisted Operation Manager,
  • Management of Four Shifts,
  • Lead Operation and Maintenance of 178 MW Combined Power Plant,
  • Planed All Operation activities,
  • Lead during all Start up, shutdowns and Emergency Operations of the 178 MW combined cycle power Plant,
  • Created, reviewed, Managed Standard Operating Procedures,
  • Maintained all Operating Records,8. Lead in fault finding and suggesting solutions,

Company: Albariyo Engineering (pvt) Ltd
Responsible: Shift Engineer
Served: December 2008 – December 2009 (1 year 1 month)
Location: Baloki Lahore, Pakistan
Worked with Albariyo Engineering (pvt) Ltd were Sub O&M contractor of GE Energy for their project in Baloki 225 MW CCPP, as Shift Engineer. The plant is situated at Baloki Village about 48 KM from Lahore at Multan Road.Plant consists of two GE Frame 6FA DLN combustion turbines with capacity of 75 MW each, a Scoda Steam turbine of 75 MW, 2 heat recovery steam generators and most of major electrical equipment is from Siemens, and pumps are of KSB.

Company: ESBI Contracting Ltd.
Responsible: Shift Charge Engineer
Served: September 1997 – July 2006 (8 years 11 months)
Location: Dera Murrad Jamali, Nasirabad, Baloachistan, Pakistan
Power Plant is a 586 MW Combined Cycle gas turbine power plant having 3 x 126 MW GE Frame 9 Gas turbines Ms 9001 and one GE steam turbine having capacity of 196 MW.

Company: Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu
Responsible: Power Plant Operator
Served: April 1993 – April 1997 (4 years 1 month)
Location: Yanbu Al-Sanayah, KSA
Power and water desalination had total electric power capacity of 961 MW.It was consist of Three Mitsubishi steam turbine units 127 MW each, eight Hitachi gas turbines 60 MW Each, Four emergency (back-up), Hitachi gas turbines 25 MW each, nine water desalination units Four Heat recovery steam generators (Exhaust of two gas turbines goes to Inlet of one HRSG), and three Mitsubishi oil/gas fired forced circulated boilers 410 tons/hr steam

Company: Karachi Nuclear Power Plant
Responsible: Power Plant Operator
Served: July 1987 – March 1993 (5 years 9 months)
Location: Karachi, Pakistan
Karachi Nuclear Power Plant is based on CANDU reactor system, which utilizes the Uranium oxide as fuel and Heavy water as Moderator. It has capacity of 137 MW base Load. The reactor is Canadian made. There are six unfired heat exchanger type pressurized boilers made by Babcock and Wilcox Company, which produces low temp. And pressure dry saturated steam. The steam drives a 22 stage Hitachi turbine generator. The control was Bailey system.


Institution: Atlantic International University, USA
Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering · (2012 – 2014)

Institution: KINPOE, Karachi Institute of Power Engineering
Qualification: Post Diploma, Nuclear Power Generation · (1986 – 1987)

Institution: Pakistani Swidish College of Tech
Qualification: Diploma of Associate Engineer, Mechanical Engineering · (1982 – 1985)

TOP Skills:

  • Management Power Plant of all sizes
  • Power Plants
  • Gas Turbines
  • O&M Power Station


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