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Jenbacher, a part of INNIO announced the launch of the 3 MW J620 fast-start natural gas generator designed specifically for data centers and said that data centers consume about 3% of the total energy generated globally and the challenge is to deliver that electricity in a more reliable and environmentally sound way. The J620 fast-start natural gas generator provides full load under 45 seconds, along with the additional benefits that come with the ability to run on a variety of operating modes.

Jenbacher touted the availability of natural gas from the grid, which enables data center operators to avoid limited run times and generator refueling. Lower emissions can also provide greater run times, this allows natural gas generators to become assets. The Jenbacher J620 fast-start natural gas generator can engage in demand response, curtailable tariffs and/or emergency stand by participation, and avoid coincident peak charges.

Fast-start resources like our new Jenbacher J620 solution can balance and accommodate the instability of the electric grid and give data center operators the opportunity to better monetize assets. As net global growth in data center electricity continues, these significant emissions reductions provided by natural gas generation will have increasing value for data center operators.

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