jinan linuo Technology Park power plant required a solution which
provide steam,heating and power for the parks own use especially
during the season when energy usage is maximum.It was important
to choose a solution by which energy could be efficiently used
and reduce park’s emission

This project of jinan linuo Technology Park uses two 1.8 MW OP16-3B
gas turbines and is consist of heat recovery steam generator for providing
industrial steam, heating and partial power for park.Each OP16-3B gas
turbine unit produces 1850 kW electricity and 6 tons/h of steam.
The units run connected to the electric power grid and steam grid.

Energas and Opras engineers together completed the task in given
time making this project another fine example of Opra’s success in china

By executing the solution Linuo Park reduced there coal intake by 15000 tons per year which caused reduction of CO2 emission by 10600 tons, and decrease in sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides by 320 tons and 160 tons per year

This project gained great support from local power sector and attracted widespread attention of domestic distributed energy users. The most reliable and powerful energy is provided by grid-connected
generation solution to the owners making them independent of high electricity prices

After huge success of linuo project Opra said it continues to exert its strength in the field of distributed energy and contribution to the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction in China

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