Florida Power & Light’s (FPL’s) website opens with this bold claim: “The most intelligent grid in America.” Its latest smart grid project—winner of this year’s POWER Smart Grid Award—adds muscle to that claim.

Florida Power & Light consciously set out to improve its outage restoration and grid resilience performance during harsh weather of Florida. The company started using smart technologies to limit outages, improve response to outages, and reduce costs of responding to storms and everyday transformer trips.

The FPL Project can be expressed as giving priority to smart grid devices to restore power and improve reliability in uncertain and harsh conditions.

For this, since beginning of the idea, FPL has installed more than 4000 of S&C’s InelliRupter PulseCloser fault interrupters and 80,000 S&C TripSaver II reclosers.

As per company the automated switches avoided more than 13 million interruptions in 2018. Also, power was restored within 10 days after the Hurricane Irma, a category 4, which is indicator of success of new system as compared with conditions 12 years earlier in case of Hurricane Wilma

What is smart grid and how it works, read  Wikipedia’s definition of smart grid

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