Water for Life USA water Ionizer

Thousands of people every year are diagnosed with cancer. Those that are not are touched in some way by this disease, whether it is a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend, or a loved one. Every day 1500 lives are taken by cancer.

Water for Life USA water Ionizer

Although many people are diagnosed with cancer, few know what the cause of this deadly illness truly is. In 1923 Dr. Otto Warburg discovered the growth of cancer cells is a fermentation process which can be initiated only in the relative absence of oxygen. These theories were verified in 1950, but little was done to find out what causes the lack of oxygen. Herman Aihara, author of Acid & Alkaline, believes adult diseases, such as cancer, are due to accumulation of acids in our body.

While both are correct, Dr. Otto Warburg was dealing with the symptoms of acidic overload in the body where Mr. Aihara was getting to the root cause of cancer, along with many other adult diseases. When your body becomes acidic you don’t have enough oxygen for your cells and the cells that survive the acidic conditions become abnormal also known as malignant cells. This is cancer.

Today doctors treat malignant cells as viruses and try to destroy them. During this process of treatment such as chemotherapy and/or radiation, healthy cells are damaged as well. This weakens your immune system making your body venerable to many common illnesses that under normal circumstances wouldn’t be of concern. The cause of the malignant cells still hasn’t been addressed. If your body is still acidic the chance of cancer returning after treatment is much greater.

As it states in Reverse Aging, “Drinking high pH alkaline water will definitely help in preventing cancer.” Healthy cells are alkaline while malignant cells are acidic. So, while creating an alkaline environment won’t hurt healthy cells it will destroy abnormal cells thus riding your body of cancer. What do you have to lose (besides cancer of course)?

Water for Life USA water Ionizer

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