Tognum 20V 4000 L62 R units

Tognum has received an order to supply 50 distributed power generation plants powered by gas engines. MTU Onsite Energy brand gen-sets will be sent to the Bavarian gen-set manufacturer Aggretech, one of Tognum’s existing customers for diesel-powered gen-sets.

The value of the order is in the double-digit million euro range and is the largest single order for gas-powered gen-sets ever received by Tognum, according to the company. The first 10 units are scheduled for delivery by the end of the year, with the remainder going to Aggretech by the middle of 2012.

Tognum 20V 4000 L62 R units

Each gen-set will deliver around 2 MW of electrical power and up to 2.6 MW of thermal energy. The first 10 gen-sets are earmarked for power and energy generation in Russia, with other units going to Asia. The gen-sets are 20V 4000 L62 R units assembled in Augsburg, Germany and consist of an engine and control system from MTU Onsite Energy together with a generator and base raft from Aggretech.

After delivery, Aggretech will adapt the units to match the end users’ specific requirements.


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