Wilden Saniflo Series VC metal pump

Wilden has developed the Saniflo Series VC metal pump, which has been designed for use in solids handling applications in the US food and beverage market. Saniflo VC pumps are air-operated, electrically controlled pumps that have a sanitary method of operation which helps prevent contamination by microbes.

Wilden Saniflo Series VC metal pump

Wilden’s metal pumps are available in 102 mm (4 in), 152 mm (6 in) and 203 mm (8 in) sizes. They can handle solids up to 15.2 cm (6”) in diameter. The Saniflo series has a stainless-steel construction which features only two moving parts and complies with all USDA requirements for sanitary food and beverage handling.

The pump line delivers variable pressures and flow rates, shear-sensitivity, self-priming and dry-run capabilities, ability to pump abrasives, and easy assembly and maintenance.

Source: Wilden

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