Measuring Flue Gas On The Go: New Land Instruments portable gas analyzer detects up to nine gases with 17 key measurement parameters

Land Instruments, a U.K.-based unit of Ametek Inc., has introduced the Lancom 4, a portable flue gas analyzer designed to measure up to nine different gases with 17 key measurement parameters. Land Instruments said it measures combustion efficiency and monitors emissions in power generation and oil and gas pipelines, among other industries.

Land Instruments, a division of Ametek, has introduced the Lancom 4 portable flue gas analyzer, designed to measure up to nine different gases with 17 key measurement parameters

The Lancom 4 is the successor to the Lancom 3, which had been on the market for more than 10 years, said Land Instruments. The major updates include a full-color widescreen display, a USB interface and multilanguage capabilities, including Chinese, which the company said is a move to reach out to Asian customers.

The Lancom 4 weighs 6 kg, is housed in an enclosure engineered for use in harsh environments and is designed to operate in temperatures from -5° to 45°C. Dimensions are 453 by 120 by 245 mm. It features a widescreen, high-color display and USB communications for data transfer. The unit also supports multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese, with other languages available on request. The nine gas measurements cover CO (low), CO (high), O2, CO2, NO2, SO2, H2S and total hydrocarbons. Key measurements include combustion efficiency, excess air, oxygen normalization, loss and total NOx. Accuracy for measurements is ±2%, said the company.

The gas sample is drawn into the analyzer via a sample probe and hose connection on the side panel of the analyzer, then the sample enters a water catch pot where residual water is removed and the gas is then passed through a 0.1 micron filter. The clip-in chemical and particulate filters are mounted on the side of the instrument for visible inspection and straightforward replacement, while the rugged case is designed to protect components from the harsh environments.

Once flow and pressure variations are evened out, the sample gas is fed through chemical filters to make sure the sample is clean and sent to the sen-sor manifolds. If high levels of CO normally greater than 2000 ppm are encountered, a CO overrange protection will automatically purge the low CO sensor through a dedicated pump that blows ambient air and switch operation to high range measuring mode, designed for CO up to 4000 ppm.

The analyzer takes a direct thermocouple temperature measurement of the flue gas and has an ambient temperature sensor fitted, which the company said makes accurate combustion efficiency calculations. The infrared sensor used in the Lancom 4 enables direct measurement of CO2 in flue gas. The sensor, coupled with a flow probe, provides quantitative information on greenhouse gas emissions, said the company. When the system shuts down, the sensors automatically purge the system of the corrosive flue gases with ambient air before switching off.

Land Instruments offers optional probes designed for specific use, such as the DrySampler probe, smoke probe, slow probe and hightemperature probe

Land Instruments offers several options including draft measurement, flow measurement, smoke measurement, analog outputs, wake and sleep facility and a Windows-based data acquisition software. Data acquisition software and analysis software captures, manipulates and reports data back to the user’s PC. The unit is equipped with 64 MB of memory storage. A built-in remote communication capability allows the analyzer to receive upgrades in the field when application requirements change, said Land Instruments. Additional probes are available for specific use, such as the DrySampler probe, smoke probe, slow probe and high-temperature probe.





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