KSB DIN 14462 for fire-fighting water systems

KSB Aktiengesellschaft has developed a new fire fighting system specially developed for installation in confined spaces. The system is 80 cm wide and 180 cm high, and fits through any door with standardised dimensions.

It includes the company’s Hya-Solo D FL Compact and Hya-Duo D FL Compact pressure booster systems which comprise several close-coupled pumps, an inlet tank mounted on the same baseplate and components for controlling and monitoring the entire system. The Hya-Duo D FL Compact dual-pump system also features a stand-by pump and separate electric circuits.

The inlet tank is designed to DIN EN 1717 and features a Class AB air gap as per DIN EN 13077. The systems comply with the current edition of DIN 14462 for fire-fighting water systems, applicable since 2009. They are suitable for use in residential buildings as well as on commercial and industrial premises.

Mains water supply for filling the system is achieved through a butterfly valve with electric actuator and the maximum flow rate is 36 m3 per hour, to a head of up to 150 m. The pump sets are started and stopped as a function of pressure, and when consumption decreases, the pumps are stopped as a function of pressure after the set after-run period. In the event of fire, the pumps can also be started from a wall hydrant when one or more limit switches are activated. However, in automatic mode, the protective features such as dry running and motor protection cannot be enabled as water handling in an emergency is of top priority.

KSB’s Hya-Solo systems feature as standard a timer in the control cabinet starts the daily operation check run and the weekly flushing for pipe hygiene. The systems also incorporate a temperature sensor to monitor the inside of the pumps. If the set limit is exceeded, a solenoid valve opens and lets the water flow back to the inlet tank. This means the temperature inside the pump cannot rise above the limit and damage the pumps.

The discharge and suction side of the pumps are each equipped with a lockable valve which prevents any unauthorised person from closing the valves and thus stopping the system, and the mains switch is also protected against unauthorised actuation. The pressure switches and limit switches are monitored for broken wires and short circuit to make sure the pressure is maintained and the system is always ready.

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