Fire-fighting equipment for confined spaces

KSB DIN 14462 for fire-fighting water systems

KSB Aktiengesellschaft has developed a new fire fighting system specially developed for installation in confined spaces. The system is 80 cm wide and 180 cm high, and fits through any door with standardised dimensions. It includes the company’s Hya-Solo D FL Compact and Hya-Duo D FL Compact pressure booster systems which comprise several close-coupled pumps, […]

A Concrete Example Of Waste Heat

A Concrete Example Of Waste Heat ABB Switzerland supplies heat recovery and electrical power production system to Swiss cement plant     ABB Switzerland and Holcim have reached an agreement for the installation of ABB’s newly developed heat recovery and electrical power production system at Holcim’s cement plant in Untervaz, Switzerland. Cement production is an […]

Groundwater remediation removes hydrocarbons

Abanaki Corp

Oil skimmer specialist Abanaki Corp has developed six groundwater remediation systems designed for a variety of groundwater contamination applications with specific site requirements. They are suitable for light fuel, medium viscosity, heavy oil, DNAPL, solar powered, and explosion proof applications. Abanaki systems use belt oil skimmers to remove the hydrocarbons from groundwater, including a PetroXtractor […]

GE Launches Breakthrough Power Plant

GE FlexEfficiency 50 rated at 510MW

GE today unveiled what it described as “a first of its kind” combined cycle power plant called the FlexEfficiency 50 rated at 510MW and with a fuel efficiency of more than 61%. The company said the plant is the result of a US$500 million-plus investment in research and development as part of its stated bid […]

Metso installs gasification plant turning Swedens forestry waste to biogas

Göteborg Energi AB a Swedish energy company

Fuel From The Forest Metso installs gasification plant, turning Sweden’s forestry waste to biogas by amanda m. klemp It may still be nine years away, but the EU’s 20/20/20 targets are driving continual development in fuel and power technology and systems to meet the goal of: a reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions of at […]