The Swiss-based virtual network operator opens Asia-Pacific branch office and launches two product lines : by roberta prandi

Swiss-based Paradox Engineering has opened a new branch office in Singapore. The new location, called Paradox Engineering Asia-Pacific, is set to become the company’s business hub of the Asia Region. Paradox operates as virtual network operator (VNO) in the supply of international hybrid network solutions encompassing multiple technologies such as satellite, managed VPN over raw Internet and/or customer networks, industrial wireless sensor networks and automatic meter reading.

PE.WSN is a complete wireless sensor networking system by Swiss-based Paradox Engineering. It was designed to allow a rapid and cost-effective design and deployment of a reliable wireless network for data acquisition from sensors. The company also introduced the PE.AMI advanced metering infrastructure.

This regional office has an immediate-term plan to team five people, providing support for sales and operations in the region, with plans to support the new operation through the consolidated and streamlined approach of virtual teaming by Paradox Engineering’s
headquarters in Switzerland.

“Our company is able to extend our customers’ business beyond all boundaries,” said Gianni Minetti, Paradox Engineering’s chief executive officer. “As we often quote, we are international enough to ensure global coverage but small enough to offer customer-tailored solutions. With the opening of our new office in Singapore, we’ll be closer to our customers and better able to meet their requirements and expectations.” He also said, “In today’s business world, the tightly coupled capabilities of virtual network operator, together with Paradox Engineering’s design and manufacture of field data collection solutions, represent the perfect vehicle for companies wishing to unleash the potential of these data and transform them into business opportunities.”

The timing of the Singapore office opening coincides with the Paradox Engineering launch of two new product lines: PE.WSN, an industrial wireless sensor network platform, and PE.AMI, automatic meter reading for utilities. PE.WSN is a complete wireless sensor networking system designed to provide all the hardware and software elements fundamental to rapid, costeffective design and deployment of a wireless network for data acquisition from sensors, said the company. “It represents new opportunities for accessing information previously considered unreachable, and unlock and transform data into a valuable new asset for business,” said Minetti.

PE.AMI advanced metering infrastructure is a high-specification system including communications hardware and software, and associated system and data management software to create a network connecting advanced meters and utility business systems. These two systems, designed and manufactured by Paradox Engineering, are part of its strategy to serve the market with platforms that address the growing demand for energy management through real-time and fine-grained data collection, the company said.

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