Automated And Integrated Control System : Noris Automation launches its new Norisys4 platform by roberta prandi

Norisys4, a new system platform by Noris Automation, was designed to be used with the company’s remote propulsion control system Noristar, as well as for Norimos, the company’s alarm monitoring and control system.

Norisys4, the new open automation platform by Noris, is based on field bus and Ethernet communication protocols and can be used with the company’s remote propulsion control system Noristar and with the Norimos alarm monitoring and control system.

“Shipping companies, shipyards and captains call for integrated, open and easy-to-use systems, which facilitate their daily work and guarantee a high safety level. Modern automation systems regularly offer numerous options in addition to process monitoring and control functions without flooding the user with data,” said Uwe Ulrich, managing partner of Noris Automation in Rostock, Germany. “Thus, system integration, common for a long time in the industry sector, becomes more and more prevalent also onboard.

“The new control system, Norisys4, was brought from scratch to maturity phase in less than one year,” said Ulrich. “It combines the advantages of a modular concept with the latest software and hardware technology, in a robust construction, designed for harsh environments.” He added that the system incorpoof rates field bus and Ethernet, and removes the strict separation between PLC and PC technology, reducing possible error sources.

Visualization is also included in the system, and data can be accessed from any Ethernet port using neutral PC technology, such as notebooks. “Norisys4 brings web technology onto the ship’s propulsion plant,” said Ulrich. The communication interface is redundant at both field level and control level. The core of the system is a programmable logic controller (PLC) according to IEC 61131 standard, with a 32 Bit, 400 MHz processor and an integrated web server. It offers sufficient capacity for highly dynamic applications, plus a reserve capacity.

A free, programmable serial interface, as well as CAN and Ethernet interfaces with two separate transceivers each, are part of the system. Communication between control computer and the newly developed extension boxes is based on the MODbus standard. “The efficiently implemented communication structure to the extension boxes allows for data exchange rates incorpoof more than 500 data words in less than 250 milliseconds. The extension boxes and the software offer the possibility of a compact and customerspecific setup,” said Ulrich.

Apart from the classic tasks, the new control system offers added values through its secure data logging function, supported by the control computer’s USB interface and a secure digital high capacity (SDHC) card slot. “Norisys4 supplies thorough network integration directly on the control unit. It is represented as a network node with an integrated FTP server and web server,” added Ulrich. “System functions displayed in the ship’s network, remote maintenance and web-enabled visualization complete the offer with corresponding onboard infrastructure.” In addition, the deployment of libraries with basic functions as well as customer-specific libraries are a permanent feature in the development for or with the customer, said Noris Automation.


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