MAN Diesel & Turbo SE is building a new emissions test center in Augsburg, Germany. The test facility, which goes by the name CentAur, will be used to test measures designed to reduce emissions from marine and power generation engines.

With tougher emissions standards taking effect in 2016, the facility will test various emissions reduction options, including catalyst technology, exhaust gas recycling and particle filtration. Testing will consist of two engines connected to equipment and evaluated while running. The results will be sent to the R&D department to help create optimized technologies, MAN Diesel & Turbo said.

Work is progressing on the facility and it is schedule to open by March. Around 100 tonnes of steel have been used in the facility, which has taken a year to plan and build, according to the company. CentAur, which stands for Clean Exhaust Test Centre in Augsburg, has been built primarily by local businesses.


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