Wärtsilä has signed a turnkey contract with Containerships Ltd. Oy to supply a retrofit Wärtsilä fresh water scrubber for the vessel Containerships VII, which is equipped with a Wärtsilä W7L64 main engine. This is Wärtsilä’s first commercial marine scrubber project for a main engine, the company said. The conversion will enable the vessel to meet future sulfur oxide (SOx) emission requirements in Sulfur Emission Control Areas.

The Wärtsilä scrubber, which will be delivered in August, works with fresh water in a closed-loop system in which sulfur oxides are neutralized with caustic soda, Wärtsilä said. A small amount of scrubbing water is extracted to remove contaminants in a treatment unit onboard, fulfilling all the quality and monitoring requirements stipulated by the IMO, Wärtsilä said.

In zero discharge mode, the clean effluents are led to a holding tank for scheduled and periodical discharge. Contaminants are always disposed of at reception facilities in port.

Source: www.wartsila.com

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